Used Car: 1 Owner, Low Mileage – The Queen's Jag up for sale

I found this and thought it would be an entertaining post. Imagine being in the used car market and checking the papers for something that will catch your eye. We already know that buying a used car can be a tricky business – you never know who has owned it and how well it has been looked after. That is unless you are the next owner of this Jaguar Daimler Majestic.

This is what I found at

“The Jaguar in question was custom-built for the Queen of England in 2001, and was used as her private car for three years until 2004. She used the long-wheelbase V8 Jag to travel between Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle and also as her transport to church every Sunday.

As a result of the low-intensity lifestyle the Majestic enjoyed, it has covered just 14,000 miles – 12,000 of those by HRH during its time on her fleet. It has been kept in secure storage in the Jaguar factory since 2005, but has been serviced and maintained in that time.

As the car was built specially for the Queen, it features an array of unique features, including a redesigned armrest for her handbag, soft leather seats and lambskin rugs and a direct radio link to the Home Office and Downing Street. Sadly this feature has been disabled so there is no chance of prank-calling the Prime Minister while popping down to the shops.

Due to the car’s unique nature and history, it is expected to go for a little more than the average 2001 Jaguar – a price of around £65,000 is expected.”

Here that’s roughly $97,657.04 USD…Considering that a guitar once owned by Jimi Hendrix sold for $420,259, I’d say the Queen’s Jag is a bargain.


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  1. I wonder if the Queen goes barefoot on those Lambskin rungs 🙂 I blog for Lester Glenn (the blog I started is I look forward to following your’s, Paul! – Ryan Wetter

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